Hey! Wait for me, 2023!

While I was still singing Auld Lang Syne, January 2023 started its journey toward December!

Hey, wait up, I call out to the New Year! I didn’t figure out my goals, plans, and dreams, yet, for the next 12 months. 

2023 isn’t listening.
2023 is almost stepping into February.
How did that happen? 

This 2023 is a tricky fellow, I mumble.
I snatch up my creative self, 

As my thoughts swivel to 2022’s unfinished “to do” list.

I reflect, 2022 had some rocky stretches. 

Last year’s paths weren’t always flourishing! 

I ran into some dead ends! 

And my creative babies weren’t always beautiful. 

2023 ignored my whining, deliberately advancing.

Finally, I shouted in frustration, “2023, you just keep going!”

Did I note a flicker of hesitation in the new year’s step? Was that a wink I detected in the twinkle of new year’s eye?

Aha! I get it!
I remember, now!
How many times must I relearn this lesson? It’s impossible to go forward if I’m always looking back! 

2023 offers me a daily invitation:

So, with toes to the line and setting eyes forward, 


Meet a DEAD END?

Don’t stop.
Don’t bother to despair.

Look for the DETOUR,

and keep moving forward.

Thanks, 2023, you’ve got the right idea.
Keep… moving… forward…

What exciting possibilities await, if I dare to accept 2023’s challenge?

So, Let’s Go!

Wishing you a delightfully adventurous journey through 2023!

One thought on “LET’S GO!

  1. Mary Marsack

    2023….Seems like it started with 0-60 in seconds! Maybe it is my muffler that is dragging. Trying to get use to this livin’ alone life. I know I am never alone. The Lord never leaves me. Four years had passed after the Ed’s death before I had to actually face this part of being widowed. Being a little ADD my brain doesn’t shut down for very long. I thank the Lord every night that He gives me good sleep. I am grateful that thus far the winter months have been pretty mild. I have still been able to get out and about. I think of March 1st as my spring beginning! So in a little over a month and hopefully the robins will return and flower begin to peek through the soil. I am not trying to hurry the days, but rather enjoy this season of life, no matter what the temperature is outside. 💞

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